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Brides and Grooms: It's YOUR Day

To every soon-to-be bride and groom,

When I first meet with engaged couples, I am always so interested to hear about their proposal story - how it happened, where, who was there, etc. - and I love how every story is its own - so unique and personal.

As the conversation continues, I learn about the overall vision for the day,  the couple's plan for how they'd like to day to play out, and what they are looking for in a wedding coordinator. I share my experiences, guidance, and suggestions to help them carry out their vision for the day to make it their own - unique and personal just like them and their story.

And then, like clockwork, the questions come: "What are we supposed to do for this? What are the rules on this? Do we have to do this?" Here's the thing: the only rules that apply are those that pertain to religious ceremonies and cultural traditions. Other than that, what the couple says goes.

It is at this juncture in every meeting that I feel compelled to remind the couple that THEIR wedding day is about THEM. Yes, their loved ones are a huge part of their day of course, but at the end of the day THEIR day is about what they want (and it is my hope that their loved ones respect and appreciate that). After I remind them and reassure them that their day is just that - theirs - I can actually see the worry disappear from their faces and the stress roll off their shoulders.

The wedding day, an incredibly special milestone in the couple's life, is a day to celebrate the couple's love, their commitment to each other, and the beginning of their relationship as a married couple.

So, to all my soon-to-be brides and grooms out there: if you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and lost throughout your wedding planning, step back, look at each other, and remember why you are planning YOUR beautiful day in the first place and remember to enjoy every moment leading up to YOUR day.