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Brides and Grooms: It's YOUR Day

To every soon-to-be bride and groom,

When I first meet with engaged couples, I am always so interested to hear about their proposal story - how it happened, where, who was there, etc. - and I love how every story is its own - so unique and personal.

As the conversation continues, I learn about the overall vision for the day,  the couple's plan for how they'd like to day to play out, and what they are looking for in a wedding coordinator. I share my experiences, guidance, and suggestions to help them carry out their vision for the day to make it their own - unique and personal just like them and their story.

And then, like clockwork, the questions come: "What are we supposed to do for this? What are the rules on this? Do we have to do this?" Here's the thing: the only rules that apply are those that pertain to religious ceremonies and cultural traditions. Other than that, what the couple says goes.

It is at this juncture in every meeting that I feel compelled to remind the couple that THEIR wedding day is about THEM. Yes, their loved ones are a huge part of their day of course, but at the end of the day THEIR day is about what they want (and it is my hope that their loved ones respect and appreciate that). After I remind them and reassure them that their day is just that - theirs - I can actually see the worry disappear from their faces and the stress roll off their shoulders.

The wedding day, an incredibly special milestone in the couple's life, is a day to celebrate the couple's love, their commitment to each other, and the beginning of their relationship as a married couple.

So, to all my soon-to-be brides and grooms out there: if you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and lost throughout your wedding planning, step back, look at each other, and remember why you are planning YOUR beautiful day in the first place and remember to enjoy every moment leading up to YOUR day.



The Unplugged Wedding

The unplugged wedding. Have you heard of it? It's catching on, and I really love this trend.

An unplugged wedding happens when the bride and groom ask their invited guests to disconnect from the outside world and to also put their cameras down for their ceremony (and maybe through the first dances) and refrain from taking videos or photos of the wedding leaving that work to the couple's hired professionals. 

We live in a world where we are constantly connected. Don't get me wrong, it is incredibly convenient and wonderful to have the world at our fingertips. But on the day that the bride and groom have envisioned and planned for SO long, it seems rather acceptable that they ask the people they love the most to be present as they take their vows to love each other for the rest of their lives. 

There are two vendors who LOVE this trend: the photographer and the videographer. During the planning process of a wedding, the bride and groom labor over who they will trust to document one of the most important days of their lives. They research and place such a priority on these vendors, and these vendors also command a sizable investment for the couple (rightfully so!). They're talented and work to perfect their craft.

Many perfectly lined up shots are compromised by guests eager to snap a picture of the bride walking down the aisle or of the first kiss as a married couple. Without even noticing they're doing so, guests may be getting their phones or cameras (and their flash) in the way of the perfect shot of the new Mr. and Mrs. Many of my own wedding photos have guests in the background with their cameras or phones covering their faces. I've made it my own personal rule to put the camera down unless I am specifically asked to take pictures by the bride and groom and, even then, I am mindful not to get in the way of the other hired vendors.

It goes without saying that everyone in the bride and groom's world is already at the wedding. If someone couldn't attend to share in the day, the photographer, videographer, and the couple will be eager to share the beautiful pictures and video clips of the wedding day. Wedding guests are SO excited to share that first glimpse of the bride and groom on their social media channels, but doing so may cause them to miss happening at that very moment in time.

Weddings are beautiful. The day truly goes by SO quickly. Before you take out your smartphone or cellphone the next time you're at a wedding, take a moment and remember why you're there and simply enjoy.

Tuesday Shoesday: Wedding Day Shoes Edition
You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes.
— Christian Dior

It's Tuesday Shoesday! Yes, there IS a day of the week devoted entirely to shoes. Jump on Instagram and search its hashtag #tuesdayshoesday. There are close to 30,000 pictures tagged. 

What is it about shoes that makes girls weak in the knees? And, more importantly, how does a bride pick just one pair of shoes for the day she says, "I do?"

Check out any wedding photographer's blog posts and you're sure to find some pictures focused on the bride's shoes from the highlight reel of the couple's big day. 

For me, choosing my shoes was just as important as selecting my gown. I agonized over finding the right shoes for my big day. There were SO many beautiful shoes to choose from. How was I supposed to choose just one pair? I wanted something that was classic, fit my personality, matched my gown, and that I could wear again.  For me, the Jimmy Choo Logan Glitter d'Orsay Pump was the shoe that would get me down the aisle. 

If you're having trouble picking out your wedding day shoes, check out the collection below that Red Letter Occasions has put together for some inspiration. 

Classic Wedding Shoes: White, Ivory, Blush, and Neutral

A bride simply cannot go wrong with a beautiful shoe in classic hue. Badgley Mischka has a dedicated bridal shoes page and the color selector in the left column makes it easy to shop by color. I'm really loving the Thora Silk Ruffle Evening Pump in pink. It's sweet and classy and suits any bride going for classic style with a touch of personality. The coveted, red-soled Louboutin You-You peep-toe pump in white satin truly makes a statement, and the Simple Pump in nude patent leather is perfect for the walk down the aisle and can also be worn long after the big day is over. 

Shoes that Glitter and Sparkle

For the bride who wants to add a bit of sparkle to her bridal style, shoes adorned with glitter or rhinestones are the perfect accessory. 

Jimmy Choo's Addison d'Orsay Pump combines metallic and lace for a really romantic, pointed-toe wedding shoe. It adds a beautiful vintage touch.  

The Kate Spade New York Charm slingback pump comes in three colors: multi (with a satin pink foot bed), silver, and silver grey (which is close to white). It's like a party for your feet!

Badgley Mischka makes such beautiful wedding shoes (so I have to mention this brand again!) and adds a bit of sparkle to many of its bridal shoes. I love the simplicity of the Sugar d'Orsay Pump and it comes in ivory, pewter, and gold. 

Something Blue

The iconic Manolo Blahnik worn by Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw influenced the movement of brides wearing their something blue on their feet. It's a great way to add a pop of color and it makes for really great pictures. Earlier this year Sarah Jessica Parker launched a bridal line as part of her SJP Collection. You'll find some designs that are inspired by the shoes she wore on the show but with a slightly less expensive price tag. 

Not sure where to find your something blueNordstrom and Zappos have great selections of blue wedding shoes. 

Shoes to Match the Bridesmaid Dresses

Another trend I love is wearing shoes that match the color of the bridesmaid dresses. It truly ties the color scheme together and looks great against the white or ivory gown. Nina has an entire shop devoted to adding a touch of color to the big day, and the shoes are very comfortable and affordable, too!

Comfortable Shoes: Sneakers, Flats, and Boots

Remember the movie Father of the Bride? Steve Martin, the father of the bride, played the owner of an athletic shoe company and created a special sneaker for his daughter to wear on her big day. I could be wrong, but I think this is where the trend of the bride wearing sneakers (or comfortable shoes) began, and I think it's adorable. Converse manufactures their classics in an array of colors (even Tiffany blue!) and metallic hues. TOMS, an amazing, philanthropic company, makes comfortable slip-on shoes in crochet, neutral tones, pinks, and blues for brides, grooms, and other members of the wedding party. Check out the wedding collection. Winter bride? No problem. Ugg Australia's "I Do" Wedding Collection has you covered -- literally!

Have a favorite wedding day shoe to add? Red Letter Occasions wants to know! Comment below or contact me at 

Happy Tuesday Shoesday!