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The Unplugged Wedding

The unplugged wedding. Have you heard of it? It's catching on, and I really love this trend.

An unplugged wedding happens when the bride and groom ask their invited guests to disconnect from the outside world and to also put their cameras down for their ceremony (and maybe through the first dances) and refrain from taking videos or photos of the wedding leaving that work to the couple's hired professionals. 

We live in a world where we are constantly connected. Don't get me wrong, it is incredibly convenient and wonderful to have the world at our fingertips. But on the day that the bride and groom have envisioned and planned for SO long, it seems rather acceptable that they ask the people they love the most to be present as they take their vows to love each other for the rest of their lives. 

There are two vendors who LOVE this trend: the photographer and the videographer. During the planning process of a wedding, the bride and groom labor over who they will trust to document one of the most important days of their lives. They research and place such a priority on these vendors, and these vendors also command a sizable investment for the couple (rightfully so!). They're talented and work to perfect their craft.

Many perfectly lined up shots are compromised by guests eager to snap a picture of the bride walking down the aisle or of the first kiss as a married couple. Without even noticing they're doing so, guests may be getting their phones or cameras (and their flash) in the way of the perfect shot of the new Mr. and Mrs. Many of my own wedding photos have guests in the background with their cameras or phones covering their faces. I've made it my own personal rule to put the camera down unless I am specifically asked to take pictures by the bride and groom and, even then, I am mindful not to get in the way of the other hired vendors.

It goes without saying that everyone in the bride and groom's world is already at the wedding. If someone couldn't attend to share in the day, the photographer, videographer, and the couple will be eager to share the beautiful pictures and video clips of the wedding day. Wedding guests are SO excited to share that first glimpse of the bride and groom on their social media channels, but doing so may cause them to miss happening at that very moment in time.

Weddings are beautiful. The day truly goes by SO quickly. Before you take out your smartphone or cellphone the next time you're at a wedding, take a moment and remember why you're there and simply enjoy.

Preferred Red Letter Occasions Vendor Spotlight: Antea Amoroso Design

I met Antea a few years ago at The Energy Barre and quickly learned of her talents as an artist. At that time, she had an Etsy shop which she launched as a result of planning her own dream wedding. While planning each beautiful detail of her wintry wedding, she fell in love with DIY crafting and knew there were other people just like her that wanted beautiful event decor but didn't necessarily have the time or artistic ability to bring their vision to life. I am one of those people. As Antea's Etsy business grew and people in the Greater Boston area needed event decor design help, Antea Amoroso Design was born.

When I helped my sister plan my niece's first birthday and wanted a first birthday memory board to add to the party decorations, I immediately contacted Antea. She hand-painted (yes, by hand!) a personalized board with all of my niece's stats and firsts. It was the perfect addition to the gift table and my family and friends are still talking about the beautiful canvas that hangs in the birthday girl's room. 

Now let's fast forward to this year. Antea created two amazing boards for me to celebrate my baby's birthday as well as my second niece's first birthday.

She puts so much time and thought into her designs and it truly shows. She carefully matches each of her designs to the theme of the event.

Photo credit (photo on right): Nick Rezendes Photography

I mentioned The Energy Barre earlier. Antea helped owner Julianna decorate her beautiful studios (Stoneham, MA and Beverly, MA) with canvas art hung around the rooms with inspirational sayings, quotes, and song lyrics. She also hand-painted the business logos, signs, and calligraphy on the walls. If you haven't been to the studio, go try a class! You'll be so happy you did! 

Photo credit: The Energy Barre 

I have been to weddings where I've spotted Antea's designs without knowing she had helped the bride and groom with their wedding design. I remember asking one bride how she learned of Antea and she told me that her aunt recommended Antea to her, and that Antea made it so easy to rent the items she needed for her big day that she didn't need to buy such as table numbers. Every item matched her wedding style perfectly. Check out the photo gallery of Antea's work on her site. 

Photo credit: Antea Amoroso Design

Her beautiful storefront is located at 8 Brande Court in Reading Center, and she hosts events like "Girlfriends' Guide to DIY" nights there where she teaches you how to craft. How fun is that? Follow her shop on Facebook to catch the next one! This Sunday, September 13th, is The Reading Street Faire; be sure to check out her booth there- you just may spot some Red Letter Occasions logos hand-painted by Antea!