The Red Letter Occasions Baby Sprinkle

What is a "sprinkle" anyway?!

Baby sprinkles are becoming increasingly popular. These events are lighter than a full baby shower and "sprinkle" moms and dads that are expecting subsequent babies, and celebrate the new little one's (or more than one!) upcoming arrival. What could experienced moms and dads need? Essentials, of course! Guests "sprinkle" moms and dads with items such diapers and wipes, and any other necessities for bringing baby home. 

I had the pleasure of planning and hosting a "sprinkle" for my sister-in-law a few weeks back. She and my brother-in-law are adding two tiny miracles to their crew. While the birth of my first two nephews changed their lives in the most amazing way, these twins will double the love in their house and that is definitely something to celebrate. 

We chose a Sunday afternoon in October to host the at-home sprinkle creating an event was relaxed and intimate -- the way the guest of honor wanted it to be. 

I chose simple decorations for this twin sprinkle and I was so happy with how everything came out. Little Pumpkins was the theme, and I kept the color palette neutral and fitting with the season. My sister-in-law loves sangria (non-alcoholic for this event!) and her favorite dessert is anything chocolate so, I made sure to work both into the menu. I am not a baker but I had so much fun making her this decadent, chocolate cake (it was pretty tasty!). And, the sangria was a party favorite! Email me for the recipes; I'm happy to share both!

Amanda Dudley2 Comments